“I decided to make” light “of my study, collections and major works on the Internet, creating a wide range of different career stages through which I passed, not to forget all those good times, both past and present and achieve shared with other painters, artists and interested in my legacy network. “

Ignacio García Ergüin (born July 22, 1934 in Bilbao) is one of the most important artists of Basque cultural landscape of the twentieth century XXI. Originally, highlighting the early watercolors and outer boxes and landscapes of his hometown, and Cuenca, Toledo, Castro Urdiales, Granada and the town of Bermeo, still life and his work attracted criticism, the interest of the media and getting the National Award for Painting, Education and Leisure, held in Madrid in 1958. During the fifties he studied with José Luis Lorenzo Solis became friendly with the likes of Jose Maria Cundín, Antonio de la Pena and Ricardo Toja.

Also, Group Founder Emen with Jose Maria de Ucelay, Agustín Ibarrola and Olaortúa Pelayo, has represented the profiles of individuals, society at the time, seeking and finding a style marked by the movement, the combination of colors, trial, free narrative and developing an original way his approach to the currents of time, through his travels in Europe and America.

He studied at Munich University on a scholarship granted by Iberduero, which enabled him to make contact with German Expressionism and particularly with the work of Anselm Kiefer, an author who was identified from the outset to thank his palette of colors “sober and elegant.”

Garcia’s work began to be openly figurative Ergüin but over time tended to abstraction. However, little in favor of conventional classifications since in his opinion “there is only good and bad painting,” prefer not to show their work cataloged and natural, without the need for subsequent labels.

Its theme is related to the Basque and Spanish culture, fiestas and traditions, but also interested in the landscapes of Castilla and Lanzarote, an island where she lives several months a year and where it has its own study, not to mention his passion for the world of bullfight, Toledo, football (Athletic Bilbao), the Jazz as a musical style or religious representations.

A lover of painting on paper, experiment with materials and relentlessly pigments “are still working while I sleep”, but any support is good to capture their performances. Refers to the solutions of water-based color that always seemed to be more creative oil.

Since his work was seen first in the American Museum in Vitoria, Garcia Ergüin stated in the most prestigious institutions in the world and his paintings and prints are in collections as important as the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid, the Fine Arts of Bilbao and the International House in New Orleans, among others.

Currently resides in Bilbao, where remains committed entirely to the production of new paintings and the “intent to remain active as long as my health permits.” On December 16, 2004 was honored along with other personalities in his hometown, and was described as “illustrious Bilbao“.