Ergüin painting gets on the Web 2.0

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The recovery of the painter’s work is reflected in a new corporate image, website, update social networks and digitization of his career

Ergüin painting gets on the Web 2.0

In the coming months, the painter of Basque origin (July 22, 1934, Bilbao) will have a new web space accessible to all audiences, as well as updated information from the different stages and a tour of the main paintings done since the early 50’s to their latest exhibitions.

  • “In order to move all my files, documents, images and pictures, that is my contribution to the paint and concrete manifestation of an art like to share with colleagues, new authors and stakeholders a successful career, which began in the last century and can capture through technological innovation”, said Ignacio Garcia Ergüin.
  • Digitization of past and present will be held in the coming months to consolidate the positioning and visibility, references and testimonials and provide access to all lovers of art, painting and culture, both nationally and internationally.
  • A phase of the digitization project will collect all the pictures, not forgetting those unpublished works, awards received, participation in exhibitions and a definition of the chronology of the author, who will help us understand his appearances in the media and books.
  • For Jorge Hierro Alvarez, coordinator and project leader, “improving access and connectivity to the network, the development of information systems under the cloud computing paradigm and tools covered in the concept of Web 2.0 applications and will tools to aid in the execution of each of the cases brought”.


Bilbao, June 7, 2012. The creation of a new website that focuses the information of the painter of Basque origin and the digitization of his pictures, media appearances, documentation and definition of a consistent image to the new channel of promotion via the Internet make it easier for interested art and paint a permanent consultation on the work of Ignacio Garcia Ergüin reference.

Its theme, which has been conditioned by their experiences, travel and professional relationships, has collected the Basque culture, fiestas and traditions, the fields of Castile, Lanzarote or the world of bullfighting, without neglecting his passion for Jazz.

On the other hand, “I think a painter always returns to the past, things that caught his attention and decides to offer a second chance to expressive paintings that marked an era, as the series related to the opera Carmen and the city of Toledo“, said Garcia Ergüin.

A lover of painting on paper, has experienced on solutions of water-based color that always seemed more creative than the oil, or the employment and use of rice paper in some of his compositions, which “have given me a different view on the essence of what I paint”. In his first exhibition in 1960 in Bilbao, in the Gallery Arthogar (November), has gone through Madrid, Gallery Saint Paul de Vence (France), Mexico, New Orleans, Vitoria, Donostia – San Sebastian, Barcelona, Zarautz, Genova, Javea, Pontevedra, Santander, Houston, Seville, Genoa, New York, Germany and Brussels, achieved critical acclaim for his work.

“The ability to upload all the pictures, references and documentation to a medium like the Internet is an opportunity and an alternative that will allow me to get the old stuff and to exhibit it in all countries in a single click from the start of my career” Garcia said. For its part, “the project will begin with the review and collection of documentation to capture it in different shapes and protect the complete works of an author who is a reference for quality and originality”, said Jorge Hierro Alvarez.


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About Ignacio Garcia Ergüin:

Ergüin Garcia is one of the most important artists of Basque cultural landscape of the twentieth century. In the decade of the 50 was a pupil of Joseph Lorenzo Solis. He studied at Munich University on a scholarship that enabled him to make contact with German Expressionism and particularly with the work of Anselm Kiefer, an author who was identified from the first time thanks to its color palette “simple and elegant”.

Participate in the creation of the Emen in 1966 with José María de Ucelay, Agustín Ibarrola and Olartúa Pelayo. Since his first solo exhibition at Gallery 1960 in Bilbao Arthogar his work has been shown in many exhibitions in Spain, France, USA, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, etc… Ignacio Garcia Ergüin is a painter with a well established and widely practiced abroad.

His work includes set designs for opera and murals for various entities such as those for the Athletic Club or the porch of the Church of San Anton in Bilbao. Since his work was seen first in the American Museum in Vitoria, Garcia Ergüin stated in the most prestigious institutions in the world and his paintings and prints are in collections as important as the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid, the Fine Arts of Bilbao and the International House in New Orleans.

With a style based on expressionism, Garcia Ergüin often approaches to abstraction. In its thematic landscape and usually appears holidays and traditions with the particularity that is usually performed monograph series on a subject trying to delve into all its possible variations.



About Jorge Hierro Alvarez:

A specialist in the definition of Communication Campaigns and Public Relations introduced the use of the tools of Web 2.0 and IT tools in each specific case. Alternate work communicator (Director, Journalist, Community Manager) with the delivery of training courses for entrepreneurs (Incyde Foundation, Madrid Emprende), entrepreneurs, companies (Telefónica) and public and private (CJE, MAPYA, CJCM) in the field of new technologies and the Internet, as well as Online Marketing, Social Media, social networking, introduction to virtualization and cloud computing, among others.

On the other hand, as an entrepreneur, he has participated in projects such as Red Innova & Create, Expo Shanghai Agenda, NBCuatro, association ABQ, Florencio Sanchidrián Real Ham or TSO Digital World. At present, it is making, creating and developing corporate communication strategy as Geanet, Antarctica Solutions, CM Insurance or




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